Happy Birth Day IdleBrains :)

By Yashwant
Jul 28th, 2012

Happy Birthday IdleBrains

Yep, it’s IdleBrains‘ Birth Day today. July 28th 2011, when this idea turned into reality after a lot of discussions and late night meetings. The name got finalized after a lot of brainstorming. I remember using YouTube Hangouts for the first time to discuss this idea and then moving to other stupid discussions every now and then. Well I will talk only about IB (IdleBrains) in this post and nothing else. 🙂

IB has matured over the period. We started with blogger as it’s a free platform. We were kind of new to blogging and we learnt a lot of things over the period of time. We got some good response and also we started getting guest articles. It was the first step towards success and we were really happy that people appreciated our work. With blogger, it became kind of difficult manage guest authors so we decided to move to wordpress. There were a lot of other advantages too which I already mentioned in one of my previous posts. Apart from platform, our domain extension was also .in, which we moved to .org later on.

Now we have a rich community of readers and guest authors with our core team. It feels good to be a part of such a wonderful team. We are trying to improve everyday and your comments and suggestions are helping us a lot. Keep suggesting us what should be improved and what more would you like to see in IB.

Once again Happy BDay IB 🙂

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