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By Yashwant
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Aug 13th, 2011
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Speed has been the USP of almost every Google application and this time they have come up with something new in the same field. Google is trying to speed up complete web by giving users an option to optimize their websites. Google has come up with a new service named as Page Speed Service. This seems to be a revolutionary concept as Google is planning to rewrite some parts of your website on the fly for speed optimization. Writing code on the fly does seem to be magical but when Google is involved, you can expect magic.
In this service, user has to sign up on Google and point their DNS CNAME entry to Google ( User allows Google to fetch their website content using this service and then Google serve them around the world with Google’s own servers. First question which will comes to mind is how much performance improvement and speed up can be expected? Google has answer for the same. They have given option for this test on home page of this service.
  • Go to
  • Enter the URL of your website, say
  • Optional steps:
    • Choose the test location and browser. The default is IE8 from US East (Virginia).
    • Select More Configurations… for a broader selection of locations, browsers and network connection type. The default connection type is DSL.
  • Click the Start Test button.

The test may take several minutes to complete, depending on the load on the test servers. The page will automatically refresh every 30 seconds and display the results when it is complete.

Web Page Test - IdleBrains
I tested it out for idlebrains and checked the results. I was more impressed by the visual comparison they show in a small video. Video shows the loading of websites in before and after optimization state and you can easily decipher the difference. Results were unexpected. If test results are true then website speed can be increased around 19% for first view and 49% for repeat view which is huge.
Well, after first question is answered, second question comes up. We got how much it can improve but how they do it actually?? Google has come up with a new term named as Rewriters. As the name suggests, rewriters improve the page speed by reusing the page resources to implement best practices. These rewriters include options like Combine CSS, Combine JavaScript, Optimize Images, Resize Images, and Move CSS to Head, Proxy Images, gZIP, HTML cleanup and many more.
This service is still in beta phase and has not been opened for everyone. Google ensures that prices of this will be competitive to market prices of other such services. Are we going to see another dominance of Google after browser, mail and search market? It is already threatening news to other website optimization service companies. It is going to be another gift for Google users. 
What I feel personally is, it will be more profitable for Google then end users. First thing they will generate revenue for their service which is obvious. A second thing is getting more data for their search engine. Users have to give access to Google to fetch their web content which will make it much easier for bots and crawlers of Google to access web pages. At present this service is only for selected users, you can raise a request if you are interested in using this service. I’ll come back with more details once this is launched officially for all users.

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