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By Yashwant
Aug 20th, 2011
War between Google+ and Facebook in heating up day by day. Google is trying hard to get more and more user base by adding more and more features every day. They have already seen a great start with the highest no of users in first 2 months of launch. Still it’s very clear that people still spend more time on Facebook then Google+. Google has already declared that they will launch games for Google+ so that their users can have more fun.
Hangouts have been the most popular and successful feature of Google+. Users have liked it a lot and its one of the biggest reasons behind Google+ initials success. Users liked the idea of sharing YouTube video with friends in a hangout but this manual process was somewhat irritating. Not now, Google has come with another update via YouTube this time. You can start a hangout while watching a video on YouTube and share the same with your friends on hangout. That too just with one click. No more hassles. Google earlier came up with share button below each video from where people could share the video on Facebook or twitter. +1 button is also their without any doubt. Now Google (YouTube) has given one more option there – “Watch with your friends – Start a Google+ hangout”

Start a Google+ hangout

YouTube product manager Brian Glick posted this update on his Google+ profile (of course he won’t give his updates on Facebook)

You can now start a Google+ Hangout with a YouTube video, directly from YouTube. Watch with your friends. 🙂
Just click on “Share” underneath any video, and then click on “Start a Google+ Hangout” in the bottom right-hand corner.

So what you people is waiting for? Start hanging out with your friends and start sharing videos. Which video are you going to start with??

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