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By Yashwant
Mar 19th, 2012
Are you a serial buff?? Do you love TV shows but your so called flexible work timings which keeps you stuck in office more than required hours, does not allow you to watch them on TV. So you end up downloading them with torrents and watch pirated stuff. If I say you can watch them online, that too legal and good quality, you will think I am kidding but I am not. YouTube shows present you a lot of Indian serials to watch.

YouTube Shows

YouTube Shows

YouTube shows has been a big hit mostly among the IT crowd who has one of the weirdest working hours. Our laptops are never switched off and we are always online. From my personal experience I admit YouTube is among the most addictive websites. It can keep you indulged for hours. You start watching one video and those related links take you on a different journey. Now with serials the addiction has taken a step further.

YouTube Shows Categories

YouTube Shows Categories

You can select serials of your taste from different categories. One thing which is generating highest traffic at one end yet most annoying on other is high no of Saas Bahu Dramas. Boys, do not lose hope, there is so much more for us also. Comedy and thriller genera also contain a lot of shows. Comedy Shows are among my personal favourites as they don’t need us to use our brains while watching them.
YouTube Shows Comedy Shows

YouTube Shows Comedy Shows

So after YouTube box office and Yahoo Multiplex we have some more legal videos to enjoy. Indian content providers have understood the importance of legalized content online to fight against piracy. Let’s enjoy these services and wait for many more which are in pipeline.

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