Indian Student Sachin S Kukke is Winner of Asia-Pacific Region in YouTube Space Lab Contest

By Yashwant
Mar 29th, 2012
Sachin S Kukke - An Indian Student was winner of Asia-Pacific Region in YouTube Space Lab Contest

Sachin S Kukke - An Indian Student was winner of Asia-Pacific Region in YouTube Space Lab Contest

India unarguably had a glorious history. Some of the brightest minds and purest souls took birth in India. Whether its science, arts, religion, philosophy, business, kingship or any other aspect of life, we always had the best of mankind. We had mathematician like Aryabhatta, Economist and Planner like Chanakya, King like Ashoka. This list is almost endless. We had people who created history, who rewrote the destiny. We had title of Vishwa Guru (Master of the world). It was due to the greatest scholars and scientists of India. Somehow in recent years India lost its glory in fields of science and innovation. The boom of IT plagued the inspiring minds and most of the people started settling down for stable careers and routine jobs. I was thinking we are heading towards an age where we Indians would be working as cheap labours instead of playing the guiding role but I am glad that I was wrong. We still have some bright minds around who have vision to change the world and who are proving that Indian glory can never be lost.



Sachin S Kukke, an 18 year lad from BMS College, Bangalore was winner of Asia-Pacific region in recently completed YouTube Space Lab Contest. This contest was conducted jointly by YouTube, Lenovo, NASA, ESA (European Space Agency), and JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency). YouTube Space Lab Contest was launched last year in October and judgement of shortlisted ideas started this year in January. The winning experiments will be performed in space in coming September and will be telecasted by YouTube live from space for everyone. 

Winners of YouTube Space Lab Contest

Winners of YouTube Space Lab Contest

Sachin’s Research – Could Liquid Magnets Take Us Deeper Into Space?
Sachin is interested in how heat transfers in special magnetic liquids called ferrofluids. Understanding these liquids better might help us solve a difficult problem — how to keep engines cool when there’s no air to take away the heat — perhaps enabling us to go deeper into space. These unusual liquids could also help us create advanced cooling systems on Earth
Sachin S Kukke – Winner of Asia Pacific Region in YouTube Space Lab Contest

Sachin S Kukke – Winner of Asia Pacific Region in YouTube Space Lab Contest

In his own words 
According to my research, this experiment has not been done before on ISS.
FerroFluids – Ferrofluids are colloidal liquids made of nanoscale ferromagnetic, or ferrimagnetic, particles suspended in a carrier fluid (usually an organic solvent or water). It becomes strongly magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field. In microgravity… natural convection, bouancy forces, sedimentation are absent. To be precise, even basic principles such as ‘fluid flow’ are greatly altered in Microgravity. So, due to applied magnetic field “Thermomagnetic convection” is also altered to a small extent in microgravity. Hence, Thermal conductivity (Rate of heat flow) in a FerroFluid… will be different in microgravity.
Study of this experiment has applications in developing advanced cooling systems, heat transfer systems, Ferrofluid deformable mirrors and other lot of applications in Aerospace industry.
NOTE :- The magnetic field used for the experiment is of small magnitude… hence it doesn’t interfere with operation of other instruments onboard the ISS.
By plotting the graph of Temperature versus Time for the obtained experimental data thermal conductivity of ferrofluids can be calculated. The data can be fed to the computer onboard the ISS which can calculate the thermal conductivity.
Guys like Sachin really deserve support and encouragement from government as it will be good for India’s future. If talents like him are nurtured properly we can bring back our old glory. Indian ambassador in Washington, Nirupama Rao quoted

“Students like Sachin symbolise the hopes and the potential of a dynamic, resurgent India and its young population,”

We talked mainly about our Indian candidate in this article but I would say competitions like these will help mankind in a long run. Stephan Hawking, one of the most respected scientist of this era was among the panel of judges and I would like to end with his quote about YouTube Space Lab Competition

“YouTube Space Lab is a wonderful initiative that helps inspire young minds around the world to take a greater interest in science and the future of space exploration.”

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